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Helping you and your child navigate life's uncertainties, so you can both enjoy the adventure of childhood.

When you're a parent of a child with intense emotions, life often feels like a whirlwind of confusion and challenges. Your child's emotional meltdowns have become exhausting and it seems like nothing you say or do is helping anymore.

lay therapy can help your child work through challenges in the here-and-now and gain healthy skills to take care of their big feelings.


I'm a licensed professional counselor and play therapist. I work with little kids who have big feelings. Through child counseling and play therapy, I'll help your child gain self-control, awareness, and confidence to be who they are.


You're here to find a therapist you and your child can connect with.

Parents are a crucial part of play therapy. I'll work with you from the very beginning to gain insight into what the struggles are and how I can help. By working with your child individually and meeting with you for parent-only consultations, I'll help you understand your child's emotions and behaviors, and collaborate with you to build practical and healthy parenting skills to respond to the rollercoasters of early childhood.

You want to be supported as a parent, not judged. 

It really does take a village. I believe that connecting with a community of helpers and seeking support is an act of love; it does not mean you have failed as a parent, or that something is inherently "wrong" with your child. I’m here to support you and help you and your child move beyond the day-to-day struggles of childhood.




If you're ready for your child to get started with counseling, you can schedule a parent-only intake session online HEREOnce your appointment is confirmed, I'll send you intake paperwork to complete before our first session.

Get in touch with me
HERE if you'd like to talk about the support you're looking for or ask any questions.



We'll meet for a 1-hour parent-only intake session to discuss current concerns, your child's history and background, and other relevant information. We'll also use this time to explore the goals you'd like us to work toward.


I'll meet with your child for three 50-minute individual sessions. These sessions are focused on gaining more understanding of the challenges and concerns, building the start of our therapeutic relationship, and learning more about how your child thinks, acts, and feels.


We'll meet again for a parent-only consultation to share feedback, insights, and recommendations. We'll also collaborate on a plan to accomplish the goals you have for you and your child. I'll meet with your child weekly for 50-minute individual sessions until they're ready to move forward without regular sessions.

Bring more joy into childhood
& parentood.