Individual Counseling for Adults


Helping you find clarity and
self-acceptance so you can live with authenticity, passion, and purpose.

Adult Individual Therapy in Houston - Expand Life Counseling

When your default is feeling overwhelmed and on edge, it's tough to live the life you imagined. Worry and self-doubt get in the way of trusting yourself and recognizing how whole you really are.

We'll work together in therapy to help you gain insight, break out of self-defeating patterns, and build trust with yourself so you can live with less insecurity and more purpose.


I work with adults who struggle with anxiety, stress, traumatic experiences, and the general slump of not living in a way that feels fulfilling and meaningful. In therapy, I'll help you conquer your inner-critic and take action toward living a life that truly aligns with your values.



If you're ready to start working together, you can schedule an intake session online HERE. Once your appointment is confirmed, I'll send you intake paperwork to complete before your first session.

If you have any questions or want to get in touch with me before scheduling, fill out a contact form


We'll meet for a 1-hour intake session to talk about what you want to work on and make a plan for our work together. The first few sessions give me an opportunity to get to know you and understand how I can support you. You'll also get an idea of my therapy style.


Depending on your circumstances, we'll meet weekly or every two weeks for 50-minute individual sessions until you're ready to move forward without regular sessions. 


Come find your place
on the couch.