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Jasandra Oeffinger, PhD, LPC-Supervisor


Individual Counseling for Adults and Children in Houston, Texas and Online

Jasandra Oeffinger, PhD, LPC-Supervisor and owner of Expand Life Counseling
Expand you mind, expand your life | Therapy in Houston Heights and Online

As humans, we aren't meant to struggle alone.

You’re here because you want to make some meaningful changes in life, and I’m here to dive in deep with you. I'm passionate about this work because I know firsthand how challenging it can be to live with big feelings and a busy mind. I also know how liberating it is to expand beyond those challenges and fully embrace yourself.

Jasandra Oeffinger, PhD is the owner of Expand Life Counseling and an LPC-Supervisor in the Houston Heights
Jasandra Oeffinger, PhD is an LPC-Supervisor and the owner of Expand Life Counseling

My Approach

My therapy style is engaging, personable, and compassionate. In our work together, I’ll collaborate with you, actively strive to understand your experiences, and challenge you in a sensitive, warm-hearted way.

You want support, but you don’t need someone to tell you how to live your life. I’m not going to give you all your answers. Instead, I’ll strive to help you gain insight and skills so you can discover your personal sense of meaning and take action.


Therapy gives you an objective space for self-exploration. You’ll be met with acceptance, genuine interest, and the space to be exactly who you are. I use a range of research-supported techniques to help people address a range of issues, but ultimately, I want to know you as the whole person you are - beyond the factors that led you to therapy.


Therapy isn’t about fixing what’s broken. We all have enormous capacities for personal growth, no matter what our life circumstances are. There’s no need to wait until life feels unmanageable before getting some unbiased support and expertise.


I firmly believe that creativity exists in every person. Creativity is so much more than making art or music. It’s a thinking process that helps you find new solutions and evaluate situations from different perspectives. Therapy can help you overcome creative blocks and nurture your abilities.

About - Therapist for anxiety and stress in Houston | Jasandra Oeffinger, PhD, LPC-S

I'm a dog-lover, nature enthusiast, and artist. For most of my childhood, I felt like the odd-one-out. As painful as that experience was at times, it gave me a rebellious spirit and a passion for coloring outside the lines. I'm drawn to the weird, the honest, and the quirky things in life.

I spend my time hiking, nerding out on research, and creating. Above all, I'm super-duper passionate about feeling alive in the world and pursuing my own personal growth. I work hard to stay grateful, authentic, and open to all the things life sends my way.

About therapy for adults and kids in Houston and Online | Expand Life Counseling


  • Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor (LPC-S), Texas #72881 

  • PhD Counselor Education, Sam Houston State University, 2023

    • Extensive research focus and training on childhood trauma, anxiety, perfectionism, and self-compassion

  • MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Sam Houston State University, 2014

  • BA Psychology + Communications, Texas A&M University, 2011

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